Friday, December 8, 2017

Secondborn (Secondborn #1) by Amy A. Bartol

Secondborn (Secondborn Series Book 1) by [Bartol, Amy A.][BLURB]

Firstborns rule society. Secondborns are the property of the government. Thirdborns are not tolerated. Long live the Fates Republic.

On Transition Day, the second child in every family is taken by the government and forced into servitude. Roselle St. Sismode’s eighteenth birthday arrives with harsh realizations: she’s to become a soldier for the Fate of Swords military arm of the Republic during the bloodiest rebellion in history, and her elite firstborn mother is happy to see her go.

Televised since her early childhood, Roselle’s privileged upbringing has earned her the resentment of her secondborn peers. Now her decision to spare an enemy on the battlefield marks her as a traitor to the state.

But Roselle finds an ally—and more—in fellow secondborn conscript Hawthorne Trugrave. As the consequences of her actions ripple throughout the Fates Republic, can Roselle create a destiny of her own? Or will her Fate override everything she fights for—even love?

4.5 out of 5 stars

"Never, ever trust the pack."

Although Roselle is from a powerful family, she has no rights because she isn't the firstborn child. Everything is chosen for her. Her mentor trains her from a young age so that she could fight in the military. Her clothes are selected to obtain a certain reaction from the citizens. Even her speeches are prepared for her.

When Roselle finally leaves her unloving family for the military, she makes new friends and also new enemies. Her life gets pulled apart as she captures everyone's attention with her fighting skills and big heart.

I couldn't put this down! I loved the romance and the amazing action scenes. This isn't a young adult book. It's more of a new adult due to the heated sexual tension. If you liked Hunger Games, you'll probably really enjoy Secondborn. Book 2 here I come!