Wednesday, August 16, 2017

To Crown A Beast (Blackest Gold #4) by R. Scarlett


She tasted his sweetness, his power, and his love, and it destroyed him.
That iron heart has turned to ashes, leaving only a heartless beast.
One she vows to tame.
One she vows to save.
Before he rips her own heart out.

4.5 out of 5 stars

Cannot be read as a standalone

To Crown a Beast is the best book in the series. This version of Molly is what I was waiting for. She's decisive, bold, and powerful. Her choices didn't make the situation worse or make me angry at her. She does everything to help Tensley.

The story continues right after book 3. Tensley is heartless, and his beast is in full control. He is also the new king of the high court. Heartbroken from the loss, Molly does everything she can to bring him back.

I loved this book and I couldn't stop reading. R. Scarlett really elevated the characters, and I hope that there will be spin-offs.