Monday, June 5, 2017

This is the End, Baby (War & Peace #6.5) by K. Webster


***This is the seventh and final book in the series. First six books must be read in order to fully understand this story line. THIS STORY IS A NOVELLA AND SHORTER THAN THE REST.***

They say the king is the most powerful piece on the board.
However, they haven’t met me.
This queen knows all the rules. She plays the game better than him.
In my game, the queen can knock the king right off the board.
Game over.
The END.
But, I love him.
The darkness threatens to make me lose sight of my strategy from time to time, but in the END, love always prevails.
Problem is, my black king is playing by a different set of rules. His END game is one he shields from me. It’s a game he plays closely with the white king, the most brilliant player of all. Together, they want to END my game.
They want to END me.
This queen doesn’t go down without a fight.
This queen makes her own rules.
This queen will outsmart those who play against her.
This is the END, baby.
In the END, I am going to win it all.

This is the End, Baby is a dark romance. Extreme sexual themes and violence, which could trigger emotional distress, are found in this story. If you are sensitive to dark themes, then this story is not for you.

4.5 out of 5 stars

Cannot be read as a standalone.

This is the End, Baby is the perfect ending for this crazy series.

It's mostly about Gabe and Hannah, but we still see all our favorite characters. As Ren and Brie are preparing for their wedding, Gabe must find a way to keep Hannah under control. If Gabe doesn't find a solution, Hannah could one day murder their children.

I didn't really care for Hannah in the previous books, but her insane qualities are something I enjoyed a lot in this novella. This series has been a crazy ride!