Monday, June 12, 2017

By Appointment Only by Lisa Eugene

By Appointment Only by [Eugene, Lisa][BLURB]

What we do...
What we do every Tuesday...
In my office,
On my desk...

Is wrong!

But I crave her,
I can't stop.
How can I save her
from certain heartbreak,
when I can't even save myself?


He’s a gorgeous, eccentric, older man, a millionaire who owns the special needs school my daughter attends. He also happens to be running for mayor of New York City.

Why do I keep my appointments?

This one hour every Tuesday is strangely a welcomed reprieve from a life that has always been too full of hardship. I am usually quite willful. I'm tough and belligerently stubborn, but sometimes I don’t want to be.

I revel in the passion, the desperate need that sets a flame in Chase's deep blue eyes, and the fervent worship of my body that spills from his lips.
The awe he finds in every tiny detail of my pleasure is infinitely thrilling.

I completely surrender to him, a surrender that requires a great deal of trust. I've never fully trusted anyone in my life. And I don’t know why, but I trust Chase Rutherford.

But what is he hiding?

As my heart softens and his gazes grow tender, will I finally learn his secret. Will it be unbearable? Will it shatter my heart?
Will it be so devastating that it finally breaks this unbreakable woman?

4 out of 5 stars

Danielle is a struggling single mom trying to make enough money to pay for rent and food. She loves her daughter with all her heart, but because of her daughter's autism, Danielle has additional battles in her life.

Chase Rutherford is a wealthy and powerful businessman running for Mayor. He also owns a prestigious school for special children. When a beautiful woman captures his attention at the school, he is curious and intrigued by her fierce attitude.

The two have lots of hot chemistry, but they have a lot of things going against them.

By Appointment Only is a touching read full of steamy moments. I couldn't put this down. Chase was absolutely perfect and I loved reading the parts that were in his point of view. There were moments where I thought Danielle was a bit too stubborn and demanding, but overall I enjoyed this story.