Friday, February 24, 2017

Please Me by Stasia Black


He thought he could break me. Well he was f#@king wrong.

I’m done being the weak little girl that men look at and see as someone to take advantage of. It’s time I turned the tables. It’s time I took control of my own goddamned life.

And I’ll start by demanding my pleasure and taking my due. From any and every man I want. But none of them will really ever touch me. I’m a fortress of one.

As much as I want to be done with the past, though, it’s not done with me. The man who tried to break me and the man who wants to heal my fractured places are both back in my life.

Neither will let me move on and before I know it, I’m pulled back into the most dangerous game yet. I’ve learned well enough that there are so many worse things to suffer in this life than a broken heart. When end games are revealed and I understand the part I’m meant to play, will my new-found strength be enough or will I be forced to betray the one I’m just learning how to love?

3.75 out of 5 stars

I really liked this erotic story. The steamy scenes captured my attention and Jackson stole my heart.

The only thing that bothered me was that Callie just seemed selfish throughout the entire book. As she was exploring the BDSM world and learning the ropes to be a mistress, she continuously made bad decisions. Decisions she shouldn't be making if she was hoping to win back custody of her son.

Although Please Me felt a little disconnected to Crush Me, I really liked the plot and erotic moments. My favorite parts all involved Jackson. Seriously... I couldn't get enough of him. Phew!