Friday, January 27, 2017

Scarlet Stone by Jewel E. Ann


"My name is Scarlet Stone, and my biggest fear is that someday I will find what I want most in life, and it will be impossible to steal."

What happens when life just stops? When one moment makes you question your entire existence?

Scarlet Stone is a third-generation thief who has everything: a doting fiancé, a spacious London flat, and a legitimate job offer. In a single breath, everything becomes nothing, and she finds herself on a plane to Savannah, Georgia in search of the meaning of life.

After securing a six-month lease for a beachfront house on Tybee Island, Scarlet changes the way she looks, thinks, eats--basically her entire outlook on life. She needs peace, but what she gets is a housemate who looks like Thor, acts like a warden, and smells her proximity like a Bloodhound.

Theodore Reed is a carpenter and perfectionist with a body built of steel, a black, hollow heart, and a hunger for revenge. He doesn't like company, girly-smelling crap, and British accents.

He resents every breath she takes.
She's fascinated by his every move.

In time, they discover their coexistence is toxic, their physical attraction is electric, the secrets they keep mean the difference between life and death, and the only truth they share is that everything is a lie.

"Over eighty-five percent of the world's population believes in a higher power, yet, very few people believe in miracles."

Do you believe?

4.5 out of 5 stars

Scarlet Stone is a must read! It's an emotional roller coaster filled with humor and romance. A one of a kind story that will have you hooked.

"My name is Scarlet Stone, and I am a third-generation thief." 

When Scarlet leaves London, she leaves behind her fiance and lifestyle looking to find her purpose in life. No more computers, tablets, or phones. No more hacking and stealing. She will just follow her curiosity and allow her days to flow freely.

Scarlet ends up living with a grouchy roommate near the beach in Savannah. She finds peace and zen, but her roommate is always in the back of her mind. There's just something about him that she recognizes. Pain.

Theodore Reed wants revenge. He doesn't want anything else in his life. No relationship. No commitments. But Scarlet's curiosity and bravery has a way of breaking down some deep walls.

Their relationship isn't normal. Sometimes it's physically brutal, and sometimes it's pure bliss. Funny and sad. I absolutely loved them, and I'm so sad this book is now over for me.

My favorite thing about all of Jewel E. Ann's books are the characters. They are always unique with some odd endearing habit. Even though they have flaws, they are so easy to love. Jewel E. Ann will always be one of my favorite authors. She knows how to write an addictive story that you'll want to reread. If you have never read one of her books... please please please start now!