Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Break My Heart (Heart #2) by Esther M. Soto

Ileana Harper is focused on her future with Tommy Colton, the man she fought so hard to get back to, but not everything is at it seems. Unable to confide in Tommy, Ileana holds tight to her last shred of sanity, struggling with inner demons that could jeopardize their relationship and her career with the FBI. Through it all, Ileana is intent on moving onward and never looking back.

Too bad the past won’t stay in the past.

Tommy Colton’s love for Ileana Harper kept hope for her safe return alive in his heart. Now, with Ileana by his side and his new job as a DEA agent, Tommy’s life is finally complete -- until a stranger appears, threatening to destroy their bond and tear them apart.

Once again, Tommy might lose Ileana; perhaps this time forever.

They say love conquers all…but sometimes fate has other plans.
What if the past becomes our future?

5+ out of 5 Stars
Cannot be read as a standalone

Break My Heart is absolutely perfect. I didn't think I'd read this in one day, but I stayed up with my kindle without paying any attention of the time. I got about 3 hours of sleep last night... all because I couldn't stop reading.


The story takes place right after the first book. Ileana and Tommy take a chance as a couple. They have some arguments that a lot of normal couples have. But they also have to deal with stressful memories and secrets from the past.

We get to see some more flashbacks of what happened when they were in Afghanistan. How they comforted each other even though they weren't romantically involved at that time.

Their relationship is far from perfect. They both make mistakes. Add Will back into the mixture and it's pure pandemonium.

This story is so complex. I don't understand how Esther M. Soto does it. All the characters involved in this story are well developed, and the mystery and suspense kept me hooked. This is so much more than a romance series. I must get my hands on the third book!