Thursday, May 5, 2016

Losing Control (Kerr Chronicles #1) by Jen Frederick

Welcome to a world few people know. A world where the hottest bedroom desires become a reality and where good girls like Victoria “Tiny” Corielli shed their sweetness for carnal, bad-girl pleasures.

Victoria nurses her mother through cancer treatments and works long hours as a New York City bike courier to pay for the roof over their heads. When a suspiciously high-paying delivery job thrusts her into the arms of impossibly attractive businessman Ian Kerr, Victoria is sorely tempted to enjoy his attentions and his chiseled body, if only to forget her responsibilities for a while…no matter the cost.

Kerr seems to have it all: money, power, and charisma to spare. What he doesn’t have: revenge on an old nemesis, but he intends to get it. Kerr is prepared to cast innocent Victoria as the lure in his vengeful plot. Yet the more they explore midtown Manhattan—and each other—the more she means to Ian. Will it be too late for him to stop the dangerous plan he’s already put into motion?

This story was so touching. And STEAMY HOT!!!!!

Victoria (aka Tiny) only has her mother left in her life, and she will do anything so that her mother could continue her expensive treatments against cancer. Money is tight, but Victoria keeps her head up high and works her butt off.

One day she bumps into Ian and sparks fly. When Victoria is reminded of her responsibilities, she leaves him on the street. Fate has them meeting again, and she is offered a job.

It's no ordinary job. It's a job for revenge. Ian's been planning for a long time, and he needs to find the perfect bait.

When things get confusing, Ian finds it difficult to use Victoria.

"I want you, Tiny Corielli. I've wanted you since the minute I saw you and that desire has turned into a need I've not been able to shake. I tried to ignore what I was feeling, put it aside, but it kept returning. I'm not going to fight it anymore." 

Ian is so compassionate, especially towards Victoria's mother. The plan for revenge wasn't heavy in the book. This was more about their building relationship. But the seed has been planted, and I look forward to their plan of action in the next book.