Saturday, May 7, 2016

Beautiful Liar by Natasha Knight


"Everything I believed was a lie. Everything except for her, the one person I blamed for it all."
MacKayla Simone was beautiful. She was sexy as hell. She was also the set-up.
One night.
Sex that rocked my world.
Rocked it to its very foundations because the next thing I knew, she and I made the headlines of every paper, every news channel across the country, and it cost me everything.
But that wasn’t the worst of it. That came when I learned who was behind the set-up. That was when I understood what it meant to be destroyed absolutely.
I don’t know why I went after MacKayla. She’d been a pawn just like me. But it was all I could do, all I had left. Hell, it was the one thing keeping me from tumbling into the abyss and never coming back into the light.
Find her. Find the girl who’d fucked me. Find her and make her pay.

I didn’t know who Slater Vaughn was, but if I had, it wouldn’t have mattered. Not when my sister was in trouble. I would have done what I did anyway. You can judge me. You can call me a whore. But I would have done it anyway.
One night, they’d said. Make him want you, let him have you. Easiest money in the world for just one night of my life.
Only it wasn’t one night because that night obliterated Slater Vaughn, and he came after me. He told me I owed him, and truthfully, I did. Hell, maybe those years in hiding, I’d been waiting for him to find me. To punish me. To make me pay.
Maybe I sought his forgiveness all along.
But now that he had me, how far would he take this game? Slater Vaughn was a broken man. He had nothing left to lose. What was to keep him from taking me with him into his darkness?


"I would let him take what he needed. And I would hope in some way for absolution for my sin, for the role I'd played in his destruction." 

I'm so close to licking my monitor. This book cover is GORGEOUS!!! 

Natasha Knight did it again in Beautiful Liar! This is definitely my new favorite. 

Slater lost everything due to his best friend and ex-wife. The only reason why he didn't seek revenge on them was because he didn't want to hurt his daughter in the process. 

He didn't know where to go, but his mind was fixated on one woman. 

"Maybe she could lift this veil of darkness, this emptiness that had become my existence." 

MacKayla was in a tough situation, and she agreed to sleep with Slater. Everything was recorded, and the scandal went viral. She didn't know that she was part of an intricate plan to ruin Slater. She just needed fast cash. 

This was her biggest regret.

Out of fear and embarrassment, she moved to a small town. It was only a matter of time until Slater found her. 

And OH boy... did he find her. The chemistry was so hot! There some dirty talk, light bondage, and spanking. I loved every minute of it. If you have never read a book by Natasha Knight, Beautiful Liar would be a great place to start.