Sunday, April 17, 2016

CAGED (Mackenzie Grey #2) by Karina Espinosa

It’s hard out there for a lone-wolf.

Mackenzie Grey has started a brand new life in an attempt to escape the Brooklyn Pack. She settles in as a detective in a special unit of the LAPD when her identity is put at risk, and she has no choice but to run again. The question is: does she want to run forever?
As events force Mackenzie to confront her past, she is met with many surprises—including the revelation of her true ancestry. When Packs across the country learn of who she is, Kenz becomes the object of desire in a deadly wolf hunt, and she must once again fight to keep her freedom.
Witnessing first-hand the barbaric treatment of Lunas, Mackenzie has to make a choice—follow the prediction of her Vision Quest or let herself be CAGED...

When Mackenzie Grey left the Brooklyn Pact, she moved to the Los Angeles. She was employed by SIU (Supernatural Investigative Unit) to keep the weird things away from the humans. Her job helped her grow in power and strength. During this time, she wasn't alone. Her partner and lover throughout the year was Roman, a sexy vampire.

She was free.... for a while. It was only a matter of time before the Summit got her scent, and she needed to run again. But she can't run forever. She needed to make a stand for herself and all the other Lunas. They were meant for more than just being maids and breeders.

Due to the discovery of her lineage, she's wanted by every pack. There's a lot of action involved, and Sebastian and Jonah try to help her in their own way. The Alpha and Beta are still interested in her, but I'm not sure who to lean on. The attraction is there, but it's definitely not the first thing she focuses on.

I loved seeing all the characters from the previous book. Mackenzie is still loud, sarcastic, and aggressive. I can't wait to read the next book. Karina Espinosa did a wonderful job creating a story about girl power.